Dad’s Christmas

Expectantly the offspring surrendered To dreams of  a wonderland morn, Gasped sigh of relief and determined to complete magic tasks before dawn…. Shh! or the wrapping will rustle, and that one could easily break, Stealth footsteps pass, last energy found, don’t forget to hide carrot and cake…. Guzzled Mince-pie, Slurped down Beer, Only crumbs remain, […]

Toe to Table

Attaching foot joining leg hinged to body led by soul Walking beside you I blink at peril Wrenched by your fake peg limb Ponderous corner catches Consuming assault searing through Limping, bent I carry on You stay put    Still Standing still inert matter but Animated marrow am I More cautious passing by you now […]


My betrayal of you comes as a silent voice lost as the many years gone by No sound breaks it’s bitter spell that lingers haunting on. Your betrayal of me I’m drowning in it’s dream of harsh cold mocking eyes that blink to turn mellow and warm Yearning yet for what could have been.


If you close your door to sit awhile and plant ideas then that’s okay by me. If you close your door to harvest thoughts, discarding the weeds of discontent then that’s fine. If you lock your door As an interlude to rest from the business  of the world or even just to shut out the […]

One Cancer render; One Cancer prise

On that Saturday she had a surge like sense of foreboding fear that she had neither before or since experienced. The following  Tuesday the diagnosis came dropping into her life; a thud of her guts hitting the floor….it had been what they thought was just a routine appointment to follow up after surgery to remove […]


From sightless eyes come soundless tears to fall on lonely breasts that feel a man’s touch no more. From crusty lips made thin with pain come words tormented, wild to feel a man’s touch no more. From frail bones come stumbling steps and pencil arms that reach to feel a man’s touch no more. To […]