Shaping My Stone

“Shaping your stone means quietly doing your job as well as you can.

Your identity may soon be lost, soon be lost to history, but your stone, if well shaped and polished, will fit into the structure we call civilisation and hold it’s weight as time sweeps past us and others build upon us.

History is full of greed, horror and the worst in mankind- but humanness is built of well-shaped loving lives.

What we do matters and if there is beauty in the world it is because many quiet souls have shaped their stones well and the cathedral of life is beautiful after all.”                                       -Thomas R. McGetchin;  Volcanologist.


I happened upon this writing on the day I actively started to create this blog. Whilst having my own blog has been something I’ve given thought to over recent years it’s now on my “just do it” mind frame at the dawn of a new year. I used to write (poetry mainly) through my teens.  Decades ago.  Apologies – I am very rusty.

Happening upon this writing was during a ” just do it” de-cluttering hour.  It’s on a thankyou card from the family of a vibrant and lovely young woman who lost her life to meningitis aged 22.  Some 15 years ago.  Natasha had discovered the writing during her university research for her Geology Degree.  It was her philosophy on life.               RIP Natasha.       I am keeping the card.

I want to use my blog to hydrate my soul.  Living with someone who is mentally unwell (Diagnosed Clinical Depression and Anxiety Disorder) is hard.  Continuing the dance of offering supportive loving kindness whilst keeping a safe detachment-waltzing around and around we go. One two three One two three… Waltzing awkwardly together, sometimes stilted, wooden and strained; very occasionally there’s a twirl…When the one-two steps are forward and three is back it’s counted as a very good day.

I want my blog to be a place to notice and recall how I am honing my stone; to shape it and journey towards one fine day being ready to polish.  I want it as my place to offload, challenge and inspire myself and in a way that you can relate to.

What we do indeed matters.

Who we are today indeed matters.

Do drop in.

Sue.   x


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