One Cancer render; One Cancer prise

On that Saturday she had a surge like sense of foreboding fear that she had neither before or since experienced. The following  Tuesday the diagnosis came dropping into her life; a thud of her guts hitting the floor….it had been what they thought was just a routine appointment to follow up after surgery to remove […]


From sightless eyes come soundless tears to fall on lonely breasts that feel a man’s touch no more. From crusty lips made thin with pain come words tormented, wild to feel a man’s touch no more. From frail bones come stumbling steps and pencil arms that reach to feel a man’s touch no more. To […]

Shaping My Stone

“Shaping your stone means quietly doing your job as well as you can. Your identity may soon be lost, soon be lost to history, but your stone, if well shaped and polished, will fit into the structure we call civilisation and hold it’s weight as time sweeps past us and others build upon us. History […]